In this guide, we'll explain how to pay with PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account.
  • If you've been following our guide and just finished Checking Out, you'll be on the screen below. If you are, look at our example below and click on either "Subscribe" if you would like to do an automatic payment or "Checkout" to pay just once. In our example, we checked out instead of subscribing.

This image shows the two buttons as described above.
  • Once you choose a method to pay, you should be on a screen like this. From here, you can enter your card details and other personal information (Guest Checkout) or purchase via PayPal directly. In this example, we paid using Guest Checkout.

The image above shows how the checkout screen normally looks.
  • Once you enter all required fields, click "Pay Now" and your server should now be processing! Expect an email within a day or less which will contain your server information. Once you do, your ready to start setting up your server!