Adding CPU

In this guide, we'll explain how to add more CPU to your server.
  • High CPU usage on a PocketMine server is a sign that you may have unoptimized plugins.

  • High CPU usage on a Vanilla Java server is normal. In order to fix this, we recommend changing from Vanilla Java to Paper or Spigot.

  • To start, go to your client area which can be found here.

Your client area should look something like this.
  • Next, find and click the button that says "Order New Services."

The image above shows you where to order new services.
  • Once on the server selection page, select "Product Addons" from the categories section on the left.

The image above shows the Product Addons category on the left side.
  • Once on the page, select the addon named "+CPU" and click "Order Now." Voila! You'll be taken to the checkout screen. If your not sure what to do now, read Configuring Your Plan.

Your addon page should look similar to this. The +CPU addon is highlighted here.